[A4] Keyless Remote

Calvyn Calvyn at stny.rr.com
Mon Mar 20 23:18:51 EST 2006

Har har har.. Yes my chivalry skills are sure getting a work out.
Yes, the remote usually only gets like 5 ft of range, so why bother..
Yes, purchased brand new batteries, cleaned contacts swapped circuit boards
Still no workie.

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At 10:20 PM -0500 3/20/06, Calvyn wrote:
>Guten Tag,
>	Anyone know of any place other then eWhore, er eBay, where someone
>can get a used 2 button remote without spending $168.00 @ the $tealer$hip?
>have 3 dead ones filling up my draw.. Each one lasting little over a year.
>Almost tempted to spend the $$ for a brand new one. Any leads, Anyone?

	lock it manually.  it's easy.

	it goes without saying that you've changed the batteries, yes?

  Rocky Mullin 


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