[A4] OBDII Tools

Calvyn Calvyn at stny.rr.com
Thu Mar 30 20:02:59 EST 2006

OBD2 Interface cable and VWTools ROCKS!!!!!!!

Can't wait to over-clock my 2.8L V6-12v to a 8.3L V10 Viper Eater!! w00tz!!!

Thanks a lot brax and everyone else for their feedback!

'96 A4 2.8 V6-12v FronTrac (OverClocked)

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you can get the cables on ebay for $30

---  Calvyn <Calvyn at stny.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>  What's a good software package for the weekend
>  automotive DIY'er?

You might find just buying VAG-COM's  dongle/cable
(Hex-Com? Hex-USB?) versus building your own cable to
be  easiest in the long run.

There is another option to consider: ProDiag  by Shade
Tree Software (www.shadetreesoftware.com).  It runs on
the  Palm devices giving you portability.

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