[A4] Trip Computer?

Doug Johnson ur-quattro at msn.com
Fri May 5 09:54:09 EDT 2006

I'll be danged...
Time to start my search for an A4q with the trip computer.  :-(

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> Trip computer didn't come as standard until 2000....before 
> that it was always an option.
> But, you can tell in 1 second whether or not it has a trip 
> computer or not as the center area between the speedo and 
> tach are completely different.
> With trip computer...
> http://www.siberian.org/pictures/albums/2001A4Avant/aaa.jpg
> Without trip computer...
> http://i9.ebayimg.com/05/i/06/e8/f2/0c_1.JPG
> Note the little squares in the middle...those are idiot lights.... 
> One of the bands below is the outside thermometer...
> At 19:30 2006-05-04, Doug Johnson wrote:
> >Um......I'm not with the car now, and may not be close to it for a 
> >month or more.
> >But....I was on the road in the 1.8T for a few hundred miles 
> today, and 
> >couldn't bring up anything on the display by pressing the end of the 
> >wiper control arm.
> >So, do some (or all) 1.8Ts come without the trip computer?
> >BTW, the car was a dream to drive!  :-)

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