[A4] Trip Computer?

Stephen Kormilo stephen at kormilo.ca
Sat May 6 02:28:56 EDT 2006

Doug Johnson wrote:

>Um......I'm not with the car now, and may not be close to it for a month or
>But....I was on the road in the 1.8T for a few hundred miles today, and
>couldn't bring up anything on the display by pressing the end of the wiper
>control arm.  
There is a Trip Computer ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the wiper 
control arm .  It was probably OFF, so pressing the rocker switch on 
the  end of the arm wouldn't do anything.

 From the Reference Guide for my 2002 A4:

Trip computer:
You can scroll through the information on the display by
tapping the upper or lower edge of the rocker switch B.
To reset specific stored values to zero, press and hold button C
(bottom of the Arm, just to the left of the Wiper Interval switch, the 
Guide has a picture)
for a few seconds. Press button C to switch the display on/ off.
Function buttons for the display. By tapping button C repeatedly,
you can toggle between the standard displays, the Navigation
System* and OnStar Telematics*, or you can switch the display off.


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>So, do some (or all) 1.8Ts come without the trip computer?
>BTW, the car was a dream to drive!  :-)
>Doug (Who's REAL used to having a trip computer on my 4kcsq....)
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