[A4] Leak Question

Peter Kirby 4pkirby at gmail.com
Mon May 8 13:52:28 EDT 2006

Is it just water or coolant?

On the old Audi 90s, the drain for the A/C evaporator used to get
plugged up with crud.  When it did, it would leak condensate in the
passenger side footwell.  I don't know about the A4.

On the 90, all you had to do was poke a coat hangar up a little rubber
spout on the engine side of the firewall to clear the crud.


On 5/8/06, FLACHIRO at aol.com <FLACHIRO at aol.com> wrote:
> I have noticed that the carpet on the passenger's side of my 01 A4 has been
> wet the last few days.  I notice it front and back but nothing on the driver's
> side.  Any thouights?
> I figured i'd ask if anyone knew what this could be from before I started
> taking things apart.
> Jonathan
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