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You should check out the Phatbox.  It will play MP3's on a 20Gig-120Gig
cartridge and connects to your stock head unit for a 100% stealth
appearance.  I have the 20Gig unit myself.  Mine is only half full and I can
go a couple of weeks without hearing the same song twice.  They are
available from Audi dealers but the dealers charge big $$ for the units. You
can purchase one from 1stvwparts.com for ~$119.  The VW and Audi units are
100% compatible but Audi has decided to charge more for the EXACT same unit.
For example, the VW dealer sells it for $350, the Audi dealer sells it for
$550.  Go figure.

Check out www.phatnoise.com to see if the unit is compatible with your head
unit.  If so, all you need to do is remove the factory CD Changer and plug
in the Phatbox in its place.  The Phatbox emulates the factory CD changer.
It's that easy.

Regarding the front speakers: I believe the door modules are 4" on your
model year.  I've never seen a component set for $100 but you may be able to
pick up a replacement speaker from the dealer although I'm not sure of the

Good luck.

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Hello everyone,

The time has come to change my car audio system and also the lower driver
side door speaker (since it's gone bad some weeks ago). I guess I'll need to
change both speakers (which are by the way the subwoofers right?) or not?
The new system has to support mp3 cds and the my bad economic status limit
the price to 150$ + 100$ for the speakers. Any recommendations?
Is the procedure relatively easy or should I just go to a technician?
The car is a '96 A4 2.8.


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