[A4] Car Audio Recommendations

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed May 10 00:29:52 EDT 2006

	best deal out there on speakers?  madisound.com

	check out their vifa brand.

At 8:17 AM +0300 5/9/06, tedzanos at freemail.gr wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>The time has come to change my car audio system and also the lower 
>driver side door speaker (since it's gone bad some weeks ago). I 
>guess I'll need to change both speakers (which are by the way the 
>subwoofers right?) or not?
>The new system has to support mp3 cds and the my bad economic status 
>limit the price to 150$ + 100$ for the speakers. Any recommendations?
>Is the procedure relatively easy or should I just go to a technician?
>The car is a '96 A4 2.8.
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