[A4] clutch noise

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The noise it probably eminating from your release bearing, or your 
pressure plate. 

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Subject: [A4] clutch noise
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> There seems to be a ticking or rattling sound that is related to
> engine RPM coming from my A4's clutch when the car is hot (it is
> completely quiet when the car is cold).  At first I thought it was a
> heat shield on the exhaust but it is clearly engine speed related:
> noticeable at idle and increasing loudness and frequency with
> increasing engine RPM.
> If I press the clutch in, the noise is louder.
> Other than the noise the clutch feels 100% normal: no slipping, no
> chatter, smooth engagement.
> Any thoughts on what this noise could be?  I saw on the SJM site that
> earlier Audis (200TQ) had a service bulletin out for rattling of the
> clutch disk.
> Thanks in advance.
> Peter
> 2001 1.8T A4 (123000 km, original clutch)
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