[A4] Fuel Tank-Pump-Gauge Issues?

Nicholas Stock nickstock at gmail.com
Fri May 12 15:07:20 EDT 2006

Phil, I believe the buzzing you hear on ignition is the fuel pump priming,
but I could be wrong. I had a few issues with a 'dodgy' fuel gauge on my
2000A4...turned out it was a faulty resistor on the sender unit....the Audi
technician stated that it was a pretty common fault, so you may want to
check that out...



On 5/12/06, Phil Yee <philter at myway.com> wrote:
> For the past month, my gas gauge has been acting strange.  The gauge will
> jump around a bit (due to hanging turns, level when I turn on the car
> differs from the previous level when i turned it off, i get a low reading
> then fill up only 10 gals max).  I tried using Chevron, which I've heard is
> a better detergent gasoline, and the gauge became a little more
> stable.  I've found a few references to a "transfer pump" that constantly
> moves the gas over the hump in the gas tank that accomodates the quattro
> drive shaft, but i cannot find it in my bentley manual, nor online.  Does
> anyone know about this transfer pump?  Is it a part of the in-tank fuel
> pump?  When I turn the car on, but no ignition start, I do not hear a
> humming in the trunk (which I think I used, which I've read is the transfer
> pump). Thanks,-Phil
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