[A4] APR Chip For Sale?

Paul W. Henne MarylandGuy_42 at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 16:52:30 EDT 2006

That was probably me.  However, I'm afraid there has been a delay as it 
looks like I am going to do a factory order for a 2007 GTI.  I got a 
chance to do it at $500 under invoice so that's most likely what I'm 
going to do, for several reasons.  Since that car would probably not get 
here until August, my chip would not be for sale until then.

My A4 is a '98.5, but the ECU will work just fine in 97-99.5 cars.  
According to the part number, it is actually an ECU for a '97, but the 
APR EMCS code was done using a '99.5 code base.  It should work with 
either Manual or Tiptronic.  (The transmission type is a code in the ECU 
which can be changed via VAG-COM, which I have.  So I would 
pre-configure it for the person who bought it.)  It currently has Stock, 
91, and 100 octane programs in it.  I also have the remote cable and 
switch that lets you switch between programs from the cockpit.  I should 
have the HomeFlash programmer for it somewhere, too, although I haven't 
laid eyes on it for quite a while.  Still haven't decided on a price yet...


Doug Johnson wrote:
> Didn't someone mention that they had a chip for my '99.4 A4q 1.8T that they
> were considering selling?
> TIA,
>  ~ Doug
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