[A4] Various Lighting Issues

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 06:29:39 EST 2006


Are you're talking about the light that comes on when you flip up the
door over the mirror on the back of the visor?  If so, then that light
comes on whenever the headlights are on (and the mirror door is open).

Are you switching to high-beam at some point?  The front & rear fogs
only work in low-beam mode.  When you switch to high-beam, the car
assumes you know what your doing and don't need the "fog" lights
anymore.  This is because high-beam lights are useless in fog and
actually make it harder to see due to light reflecting off the water
droplets in the air.

If neither of these answers work for you, the owners manual should
have what you need.


On 11/4/06, Doug Johnson <ur-quattro at msn.com> wrote:
> The light above my sun visor stays on all the time the visor is lowered.  Is
> there a manual switch to turn the light off?
> Also, front and rear fogs on a '99'5 B5 only stay on for a couple of
> minutes.  :-(
> Thanks!  :-)
>  ~ Doug
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