[A4] Catalytic Converter

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 08:00:49 EST 2006

Ken Witherell <withrl at yahoo.com> wrote: I have 2002 A4 1.8T with 117K miles.  The check engine
light came on and the dealership says I need a new
catalytic converter to the tune of 1300 bucks.  Is
this a reasonable price?  How long will I be able to
drive the car with a catalytic converter needed?

Ken, you should get the exact code(s) from the dealer then Google them. Not that I don't trust them, but.....  If the cat is clogged, I would think you'd have experienced some performance issues or maybe some rattling if the inside material has disintegrated....
 Dan D
 '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
 Central NJ USA

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