[A4] Catalytic Converter

richard valasek rrv53 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 10 22:35:57 EST 2006

Check the after-market.  I've seen them for around $300, not $1,300.  That's 
where I got mine.  The dealer is a rip-off.

98 a4 1.8tq

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> At 7:24 PM -0800 11/8/06, Ken Witherell wrote:
>>I have 2002 A4 1.8T with 117K miles.  The check engine
>>light came on and the dealership says I need a new
>>catalytic converter to the tune of 1300 bucks.  Is
>>this a reasonable price?  How long will I be able to
>>drive the car with a catalytic converter needed?
> until:
> A your next smog check or
> B when you get sick of seeing the check engine light, assuming
>   you are willing to totally give up the function of your check
>   engine light
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