[A4] Front Bumper's Valance and Under-engine Shroud on B5 1.8T q

Doug Johnson ur-quattro at msn.com
Sat Nov 11 19:05:50 EST 2006

So, I'm under the car trying to coax the cat to come home for dinner.

And, I notice something that reminds me of my sphincter tightening a couple
of weeks ago as I passed over SOMEthing real big at about 60 MPH a couple of
weeks ago.  

Now I notice that the trailing edge of the front bumper's valance is all
wavy, and at both rear corners aft of the engine are what appear to be a
couple of bolted connections with some shards of plastic attached to each

So, did I maybe tear off a shroud from beneath the engine by not tightening
my sphincter enough?  Also, does the trailing edge of the front bumper
valance tend to get wavy after a few years, or might that also be the result
of whatever I did not clear on the freeway?

Thanks for your wisdom.  :-)

 ~ Doug

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