[A4] IRP (Import Replacement Parts) - Are they any good?

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 09:48:24 EST 2006

Hey another question: I have a 1998.5 A4 Quattro and I have no idea if there
are wear sensors on the pads.  I'm assuming there are, but can't be sure
until I take it apart or get home and check the Bentley.  As I would like to
place my order ASAP, does anyone know for sure?  Barring that, can I just
get the pads w/sensors and just not hook them up?  :)


On 11/21/06, Richard Hurt <rnhurt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> My right front rotor started eating itself yesterday and I thought I would
> replace it with some ATE PowerDisk Slotted + Mintex RedBox pads.  ECS is out
> of the Powerslot rotors right now but IRP ( http://www.importrp.com) has
> them at a pretty good price.  What do you think?  Has anyone dealt with
> IRP?  Are they any good?  Do you have a better suggestion?  Or I could just
> splurge at pony up an extra $10 for the Slotted & Cross-Drilled rotors @ ECS
> (in-stock)?  The slotted/drilled sure would be nice (and look good too) but
> I'm scared of cracking with drilled rotors.  Hmmmm...what would you do?
> I would really like to use the holiday to replace the parts if I can
> (well, I would like for them to not be broken in the first place :) and I've
> used ECS before and found them pretty good.  Just looking for a little list
> guidance here.
> Thanx!
>   Richard

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