[A4] Brakes & Rotors Update

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 05:33:44 EST 2006


I removed my front pads and found out that I had latterly separated the
right front pad!  So, when I removed the pressure on it, it literally fell
out in pieces in my hand.  I guess it's time to change them.  :)  While I
was in there, I looked at the rear and they were in pretty bad shape as
well.  I'm guessing they might be the original pads that were on the car.
If so, I sure got my moneys worth!

Stop making that face at me -- I'm changing them already!

Anyway, after checking with the dealer ($630 + tax) I ordered a set of ATE
Powerslot rotors for the front, plain rotors for the back, and Mintex Red
Box all around.   The final bill was just over $300 and hopefully I'll get
them before Friday (holiday shipping) and have them on.  I'll let you know
how it goes.


BTW: I ordered from Import Replacement Parts
<http://www.importrp.com>(IRP).  ECS wouldn't have had the rotors for
another 2 weeks and I can't
wait that long.

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