[A4] Brakes & Rotors Update

Richard van der Hoff quattro at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Sun Nov 26 09:05:24 EST 2006

[if I send this from the right address, it may get through...]

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006, Richard Hurt wrote:

> Robert,
>  Great information!  I never realized the strengths and weaknesses of both
> standard & stainless lines.
> I don't think I'm up for installing them this time, too much $$$ right
> before the holiday, but when I do I'll come to you guys for help.  I'm kinda
> nervous about bleeding the brakes on a modern, ABS equipped, traction
> control system vehicle.  Any tips?  Can you just do the standard "start with
> the wheel furthest from the MC"?  Or do you need a auto-bleeder?

Just to share my experiences with this - you certainly *can* just bleed as
normal with pedal-pumping and a non-return valve or a friend with a
spanner, starting with the corner at the end of the longest pipe. But it's
so much faff, and i always end up coating everything in brake fluid. The
kits that let you pressure-bleed by connecting up a spare tyre to the
reservoir make the job really really simple. Well worth $20 or whatever
they are. Google for Gunson Eezibleed.

Just don't forget to let some pressure out of the tyre first, else you'll
crack your fluid reservoir. Not that I'd ever do something as silly as
that, this epoxy is just for, uh, um, decoration.

> On a slightly different note, I think my MC has gotten a little blow-by.  My
> petal was slowly going down to the floor before I took my brakes off.  Now,
> my _hope_ is that my brakes were SOOO bad that it had this effect on the
> petal but I'm not holding my breath.  :/

Doh. Well, if you're going to have to replace the MC, you're certainly
going to end up bleeding the system...


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