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 You'll love the A8 brakes, you can really go deep into corners, and the K04
will get you there.  Nice bunch of work, I've got the turbo and brakes, and
a couple of other things.  I hope you did some sort of driveline stabilizer,
without which the whole driveline moves a lot with the extra power.  


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she finally  touched ground last night after 2 months on blocks.

few shots of the progress...


maiden voyage and shakedown run tongiht. hope i got all those suspension
bolts tight.. =) i borrowed a vagcom / laptop to run codes in the next
couple days [thanks shayne!] and clear the ecu.

new stuff:

TURBO: k04, giac ecu, turbo hardware, gaskets, , turbo bracket [was
missing], coolant feed line to turbo, n75 race, pcv system [thanks andrew!],
turbo xs bypass valve, silicone vacc lines, 5bar fpr, samco silicone intake
TUNEUP: plugs, oil, coolant flush [5 cycles of distilled], thermostat,
coolant thermoswitch, plugs, airfilter, pollenfilter, upper 02, mopar carbon
BRAKES: TT caliper carriers, A8 rotors, porterfield rs4 street pads, new oem
lines, full flush ate super blue fluid
SUSPENSION: all 4 front upper control arms, in+out front cv boots, front
upper strut mounts, heavy duty tie rod ends , 2 front swaybar end links,
22mm neuspeed rear sway bar, neuspeed sport springs, grooved bilstien sport
shocks, front motor mounts [stiffened with eurathane], apr poly snub mount

next weekend:
apr exhaust, stratmosphere short shifter, boost gauge, turbo timer, new
south performance intake spacer, port matched the intake manifold. replace
power steering lines + flush..

will report in once i get a chance to shake it out...

nobody ever listened to me until they didn't know who i was.

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