[A4] '99 1.8T w/ Tiptronic Not Up-shifting

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Mon Oct 2 20:06:18 EDT 2006

Oh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... Price from local VW dealer to change
tranny fluid and filter: $400.

Is this what one would expect on a '99 A4q 1.8T with Tip? 

 ~ Doug 



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Doug, I've had my tip since 80k miles and have changed the filter once and
flushed the trans 3 times now.
For the first flush I used OEM fluid from worldimpex @ $9 per quart.

I changed the filter and used a Wynn's transmission flush machine. 

The car shifted like new.

I decided to flush it again 20k later, this time I used Pennzoil
Mutli-vehicle fluid.
This stuff is around $3 per quart. 

Transmission still worked great.

Just flushed the transmission again last week with the Pennzoil
Multi-vehicle ATF. 
Car shifts a little smoother again. 

I've made it from 80k - 160k with no transmission issue (knock on wood) 
I hope to see 250k-300k out of my Tip

There is a writeup on the transmission service the link is: 

Do the filter AND the flush, you won't regret it!


On 9/29/06, Doug Johnson <ur-quattro at msn.com> wrote: 

	Does a cold 1.8T engine keep the Tip from up-shifting?
	I drive only five miles to work, and I find myself slapping the
shift lever
	to the manual position in order to get the car into top gear.
	Of course, then I'll stop at a traffic signal and end up trying to
get out 
	of peoples' way with the car in a higher gear than I expect.
	So...am I in for expen$ive transmission service? :-)
	~ Doug
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