[A4] audi project

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 20:29:36 EDT 2006

> haha ahhhh ok you must have a b6? the B5s had a stud :P


> i had those brake pads and i HATED them, very very very noisy! maybe you
> will have better luck
> BRAKES:  TT caliper carriers, A8 rotors, porterfield rs4 street  pads

ahhh nuts. yeah i hope so too. i did a bunch of research to find good quiet
low dust pads. we'll see..

>>You'll love the A8 brakes, you can really go deep into corners, and the
will get you there.  Nice bunch of work, I've got the turbo and brakes, and
a couple of other things.  I hope you did some sort of driveline stabilizer,
without which the whole driveline moves a lot with the extra power.

yeah i got a neuseed but im going to swap it for an autospeed. the NS one
doesnt grab the tranny.

> highflow cat or empty'n it will help a lot also

yeah thats coming..=) after seeing the inconvenient truth i wanna keep it as
gree as possible.

thanks all for the comments. maiden voyage tonight.. x your fingers  4me!

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