[A4] audi project UPDATE

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 18:16:49 EDT 2006

> sounds great :) as for the wheel sensor, i dont know if you just had a cv
> replaced, but if so make sure they didn't paint the cv's themselves, if
> they did
> the abs ring on the cv wont get picked up, you have to sand the ring down
> with  snadpaper to make it work again, dont ask how i know  lol

they who?! i'm the only monkey at fault on this one.. =)  i will pull +
clean the sensor tonight, hopefully that sorts it. i do get a wicked pulsing
from the brake pedal tho.. need to check it all. im VERY careful when
working on brakes, but the parts quality [ecs] on the rotors and carriers is
pretty poor =(

> nice, i would never look back after driving my 01 S4, what mods are you?
> im
> at stage 2+ with a 5.13 fats currently, rs4 ic's waiting to be installed
> in
> the  garage :)

whoa! i wanna ride!


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