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        I guess one more thing I should have mentioned (and didn't realize until I did some more invetigation) is that she needs a pretty decent amount of ground clearance.  The Focus has around 6 inches or so, but in reading the A4 Avant had around 4 inches.  Gotta have more than that to cross streambeds, etc.
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  Maybe she should consider a Passat wagon. Road and Track did comparison of the A4 Avant and B5 Passat wagon a while back very interesting--the A4 Avant was the sports car of wagons and the Passat was the carry all but still drove excellent. I might even have the article. I have both a Passat B4 and B5 5 speed wagon and have been offered a nice 98 A4 Avant with a V6 complete with broken timing belt. 
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