[A4] B5 Switch Locations

Paul W. Henne MarylandGuy_42 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 18:24:48 EDT 2006

You know...I only got rid of the A4 this past Friday, and for the life 
of me I already can't remember which switches were where!!  LOL!  I know 
I wasn't real happy with the A4 when I finally got rid of it (not so 
much the A4's fault as mine for the way I optioned and modified it), so 
maybe I am subconsciously trying to forget as quickly as possible, who 

As I recall, to the left of the hazard switch were: Seat heater 
(Driver), Front Fog, Rear Fog, Rear Defrost (the latter 3 not 
necessarily in that order, although the rear fog was next to the rear 
defrost which helped me to remember which fog light switch was which), 
so no blanks..

On the right hand side I think I had three blanks and then the seat 
heater for the passenger at the far end?


Doug Johnson wrote:
> My '99 q has two switches to the left of the hazard light switch, the front 
> fog light switch and the rear fog light switch, but the right-hand position 
> to the left of the hazard light switch is vacant.
> What switch is typically located in that position, and is it possible for 
> the average ham-fist to get wiring to that location?  <idea in mind...>
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> ~ Doug
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