[A4] B5 Switch Locations

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Oct 17 18:32:26 EDT 2006

	this is a B5?  my switches were totally different.  seat
heaters were at the bottom.

	my big audi complaint is the UI to the climate controls.

	this barely shows it:


	three switch locations on left, hazard, cupholder.  seat
heaters were at the bottom with climate controls.  i actually really
miss that car.  it was much tighter and lighter than the B7.  A3s
are their new tight & light.

At 6:24 PM -0400 10/17/06, Paul W. Henne wrote:
>You know...I only got rid of the A4 this past Friday, and for the life
>of me I already can't remember which switches were where!!  LOL!  I know
>I wasn't real happy with the A4 when I finally got rid of it (not so
>much the A4's fault as mine for the way I optioned and modified it), so
>maybe I am subconsciously trying to forget as quickly as possible, who
>As I recall, to the left of the hazard switch were: Seat heater
>(Driver), Front Fog, Rear Fog, Rear Defrost (the latter 3 not
>necessarily in that order, although the rear fog was next to the rear
>defrost which helped me to remember which fog light switch was which),
>so no blanks..
>On the right hand side I think I had three blanks and then the seat
>heater for the passenger at the far end?
>Doug Johnson wrote:
>>  My '99 q has two switches to the left of the hazard light switch, the front
>>  fog light switch and the rear fog light switch, but the right-hand position
>>  to the left of the hazard light switch is vacant.
>>  What switch is typically located in that position, and is it possible for
>>  the average ham-fist to get wiring to that location?  <idea in mind...>
>>  Thanks!
>>  Regards,
>>  ~ Doug
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