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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Oct 25 13:37:57 EDT 2006

	i love to hear peoples' reasons for doing this rather than
picking up an S4.

At 9:55 AM -0700 10/25/06, thejimrose wrote:
>DOOO EEEET!! doooo eeet!!
>it rips on a chipped k03 a4. i love mine. 18 psi baby!!!
>my butt dyno seems to think that i'm in s4 territory. i cant wait to race my
>buddies chipped s4. it doesnt have the torque that an s has [mmmmmm..
>torque!] but once the turbo hits at 3500 or so it just PULLS so nice.
>next up is fmic, 10cc injectors and pc16 file. id like to have the turbo
>rebuilt, maybe clipped, and high flow cat. boy this gets expensive quick. =)
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>From: "Brandon Rogers" <brogers at terrix.com>
>Subject: [A4] K04 car in Denver
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>Hey guys -
>any Listers in Denver with a K04 converted A4 1.8Tq?  Thoughts going
>through my head but would like to see/feel what a K04 1.8T has in it...
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