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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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yeah here's the deal- 
a guy offered to buy my S4 (not sure how serious -I'll throw a number at
him as I wasn't even looking to sell) and I'm not totally attached to
that car - so yeah I'd sell for the right price...  So thinking IF that
happens (yes, unlikely but you never know) maybe I would go back to
driving my 1.8T (which my wife has been driving since we sold her 325i)
and put some go-fast goodies on it and buy my wife a car with the rest -
which we are planning to do anyway as baby #2 is forthcoming in a couple
But my hesitance to do a K04 1.8T instead of the S4 is that I live at
5000 + ft - and with a bigger turbo (kinda funny calling a K04 bigger)
that means LAG.  I don't like lots of lag.  And although my A4 drives a
lot better (more nimble, crisper shifting, better braking feel, more
stable over surface imperfections) than my S4, the S4 has a certain
overall "feel" that I prefer, plus it has xenons, looks better with the
big front valence, leather.....part of the problem may be that the S4
might have some issues that need correction - not sure how normal soem
of the annoyances are...
I don't know just thinking.... 
ramble off
'84 urquattro 20Vt
'01.5 S4
'98 A4 1.8Tq

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DOOO EEEET!! doooo eeet!! 
it rips on a chipped k03 a4. i love mine. 18 psi baby!!! 
my butt dyno seems to think that i'm in s4 territory. i cant wait to
race my buddies chipped s4. it doesnt have the torque that an s has
[mmmmmm.. torque!] but once the turbo hits at 3500 or so it just PULLS
so nice. 
next up is fmic, 10cc injectors and pc16 file. id like to have the turbo
rebuilt, maybe clipped, and high flow cat. boy this gets expensive
quick. =)


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Hey guys -
any Listers in Denver with a K04 converted A4 1.8Tq?  Thoughts going
through my head but would like to see/feel what a K04 1.8T has in it...

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