[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 36, Issue 17

Greg Megara megara at mac.com
Thu Oct 26 10:59:42 EDT 2006

I don't have any experience with high altitude turbo engines, but I thought
this might be helpful: Turbo-prop aircraft generally "turbo-normalize" their
engines, meaning that the boost allows the engine to operate as it would at
sea level; there is no overboosting. If you were to use a boost controller
(I found someone who installed one in an s4:
http://home.pacbell.net/gj_os/evcinstl.html) you may be able to do the same
thing on a ko4 1.8t engine in order to minimize lag. Cars usually idle with
the wastegate full open, being able to keep it slightly closed to normalize
the engine to sea-level conditions sounds like it would minimize turbo lag
to me.

Does that sound right to anyone?

I have a ko4 1.8t and it's balls to the wall fun. Get a good clutch to go
with it so you can dump on it, and you'll be in the low 6's for 0-60. I also
recommend a carbon-fiber hood---it reduces weight on the nose of the car and
taking corners feels more balanced with less understeer.



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