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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Oct 31 12:28:24 EST 2006

	ditto ditto ditto.  though my 1.8 avant was way "tighter" then
my 2.0, which feels heavy and big where the 1.8 felt like a go kart.
this could be simply suspension issues, as i don't think the new one
has the sport package (though it has everything else).

	hit up your dealer this month and next month.  they'd rather
dump stuff for cheep than get taxed on it sitting on the lot as the
year comes to a close.  i got mine for a steal.

At 10:17 AM -0800 10/31/06, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>I can't recommend the 06 A4 Avant enough!! I love it! (I used to have a 2000
>1.8T). The new 2.0T engine is pretty amazing, a lot more power/torque and
>better gas mileage..I have about 18,000 miles on it so far and no mechanical
>problems (I drive in quite a 'spirited' way too). I have the S-Line version
>which only enhances things, but it's a damn solid car..they're expensive
>new, and I'm not sure you'll find any '06 2.0T Avants this soon, but it's
>definitely worth the wait....
>On 10/31/06, Tony Kowalczyk <tt-man at msn.com> wrote:
>>  Hello Audi fans,
>>  I am an owner of a 97 A4 1.8T with a 175k on it, and is by far, the best
>>  car i have ever purchased... but now i am looking to upgrade and i am just
>>  starting my search for a Used Avant...   i am thinking of 04 - 06...
>>  Just wondering if anyone has any reccomendations on which year is
>>  better... any warnings, best places to look, etc...
>>  i am off to the library to peruse the consumer reports, but thought i'd
>>  ask you folks...
>>  Thanks in advance,
>>  TK
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