[A4] Dipstick

Ken Witherell withrl at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 17:23:36 EDT 2006

Please give me some advice on a dipstick.  I was
checking the oil on my 2002 A4 1.8T today and heard a
small click when pulling out the dipstick.  The best I
can determine is that a small plastic piece broke off
one of the two tabs located on the trunk of the
dipstick.  The top tab came off in my hands, but I
suspect a small piece 2mm by 4mm could have fallen in
as I pulled the dipstick out.

Do I have worries?  I have not driven the car since
this happened.  Don't know if I am paranoid or not.  I
started the car and thought I could hear some clicking
after slight rev'ing, then it goes away at idle.  Any
advice? Will it be filtered out, should I drive the

Thanks,  Withrl

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