[A4] Inflation Pressures vs handling

Justin Cady ucfsho97 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 5 15:46:55 EDT 2006

I run a decently modified suspension setup with 225/45/17 KDW-2's at 34f 
35r.  Nothing crazy for the street.  The priority is even tire wear.  The 
handling I get on that is pretty nice.  When I autocross I crank the 
pressures up to 40f 42r.  The actual balance does not chance a bit, but what 
it does do is reduce sidewall rollover.  Granted I don't even rub the 
sidewall (the KDW is super stiff), but it definatly helps.


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>Subject: [A4] Inflation Pressures vs handling
>Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 10:25:51 -0700
>OK  all you hot-shoe, track types.  Can you please tell me what affect, if 
>any, running say 32psi in the front and 35 psi in the rear tires has on 
>From what I hear, the quattro has a tendency to understeer which can be 
>helped by changing the tire pressures between from and rear.  If so, does 
>doing something like the above set-up improve turn-in because of larger 
>contact patches up front, or because of changing effective spring rates 
>from added side-wall flex up front, or  is all this just someone's active 
>Tires are Bridgestone Potenza S03 225-45-17 on A4 1.8 TQ.
>Thanks in advance,
>Al Gressler
>Allen Gressler
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