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  I can't help you on the phone item delete issue, but since I also have the Bluetooth option in my A4, I'm curious: have you found that your Bluetooth recognizes voice commands adequately? I've found out that when I give it a command for a phone number, as often as not, it doesn't recognize my command right. This is another example of technology that sounds like a good idea, but the application of it has been marginal for me. I love the idea of hands-free cell phone use, and I can receive calls just fine, but when I try to use dial commands, I'm not having the greatest luck - how about you?


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> Dear Fellow A4'ers.. 
> I wonder if any of you can help with this (because the technicians at my 
> Audi dealership can't yet!!)...I have the technology package in my A4 and a 
> bluetooth cell phone. The handsfree stuff works phenomenally well but 
> there's just one issue. When you sync the phone with the car for the first 
> time it uploads the cell phone's phonebook into the car memory and you can 
> scroll through the numbers on the dashboard computer and dial accordingly. 
> However, it appears that you cannot change any of the entries once they're 
> uploaded! Any idea how to delete the numbers stored in the computer? 
> Regards to all, 
> Nick 
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