[A4] Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Mitchell Segal MSegal at nsbgroup.com
Thu Sep 14 13:16:35 EDT 2006

I don't personally have the tire pressure monitoring system, but I have read
from others on these types of lists who do have it, and I wanted to offer
one possibility.

When you say you checked the tire pressures and they were fine, did you
check the spare tire?  I would say 99% of people never check their spare,
and since on the Audis (as well as most German cars), it comes with a full
size spare and mag, more than likely that spare tire has the pressure
monitor inside it as well. 

So when your indicator flashes a low pressure warning, it might be referring
you to your spare tire sitting in your trunk.  Check it out. I bet you that
it's low.


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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 20:06:49 +0000
From: gsackerson at comcast.net
Subject: [A4] Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Hi all,
  Well, it's that time of year again - cooler temperatures, a hint of fall
in the air, and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems that display warning
symbols making you think you've got a tire that's low in pressure. This may
be one of those technologies that's a good news/bad news situation. This is
the second time in the past year I've had the warning lights come on, only
to find out my tire pressure is just fine, thank you very much. But, it
would appear the cooler temperatures cause the sensors to think a tire is
low in air. Odd. Anyone else had this happen to them? As with the last time,
I simply reset the sensor, and continue on after double-checking the tires.

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