[A4] FWD: Re: Need for Premium Gas in 1.8T quattro?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Sep 21 18:56:44 EDT 2006

At 3:36 PM -0700 9/21/06, Brian White wrote:
>I'd say it's a pretty ill effect to claim getting 33mpg in any 1.8T
>A4.  Gotta call BS on you for that.

	i feel the same way, though under special circumstances i've
seen 32 on my 2.0.  the circumstances?

	- no hard acceleration.  or rather, barely accelerate at all
	- reset on the freeway, keep to the speed limit
	- flat driving only
	- take reading when you get off the freeway

  Rocky Mullin 

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