[A4] Front tire *thump* & brake pads

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 20:49:39 EDT 2006


I just had a nail removed from my front tire and now I'm getting a *thump* -
sometimes.  I don't really think the two are related and I just removed the
wheel again to make sure there was no foreign matter or obvious broken
suspension pieces.  The wheel was tight and everything checks out OK.
However, I have noticed that my brakes have been making noise and getting a
little short on pad, so it's probably time for a brake job - at least in the

About the *thump*.  As near as I can tell it seems to happen when I change
velocity and direction.  For instance, I'll pulled out of a parking lot onto
a busy street and heard/felt it.  There was a small curb and it seemed to
coincide with going over that.  I also get a slight "give" when I use the
brakes sometimes.  It's like they stop working for half a second and then
they are normal.  I don't really know if the two instances are related or
not but both seem to be coming from the recently repaired wheel.  Any clues?

Also, what's the best deal for brake pads.  I used to use Mintex Red Box
pads on my Corrado and I liked them very much.  Any thoughts on them?  And
where's the best online site to order them from?


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