[A4] FWD: Re: Need for Premium Gas in 1.8T quattro?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Fri Sep 22 16:30:31 EDT 2006

At 4:24 PM -0400 9/22/06, Brizax at aol.com wrote:
>im not taking anyone's side, but look how wrong audi was when they told all 
>their customers to change oil every 10k miles, now they have tons of law suits
>  and recalls on the "sludge" issues. everyone's wrong even audi sometimes.

	when was that, anyway?  my 2000 A4 i could swear had 5k intervals.
the dealer did it all, of course.  when i wrecked the engine though and it
had to be dismantled, i had them check for sludge and it was totally clean.

  Rocky Mullin 

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