[A4] timing belts and "interference" engines

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Fri Sep 29 15:27:12 EDT 2006

well if it was an audi crate motor then sure..

anyway in this case i would ask high book or a little over and use the
new motor as leverage. it didnt cost you anything so at least you can
maximise the reasonable value of the car, and give it an edge over
other cars at anywhere near the same $.

me as a buyer would have very different opinions than me as a seller. =)

On 9/29/06, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
> Hmm I totally disagree.  Were I in the market for an A4 1.8T - I'd
> probably pay an extra thousand or so for the brand new motor, assuming
> all else equal - remember Rick said new head and block - NOT rebuilt.
> And to me a broken t-belt does not attach itself as baggage to the rest
> of the car - t-bely is known failure on these - and now you have a car
> with a  brand new motor.
> Now you have to conflicting opinions ...big help huh!
> Good luck-
> Brandon
> '84 urquattro 20Vt
> '01.5 S4
> '98 A4 1.8Tq
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> i dont know if i would pay a premuim for a rebuilt engine. your car has
> baggage now... you might find many people would be willing to pay less
> for it. i know that if i had the choice of 2 cars, 1 with a factory
> higher mileage motor with no issues and 1 with a dealer rebuild i'd go
> for the issue-less car.
> but on the open market, with an audi noob, you might find someone thats
> willing to pay at or over the high book value.
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