[A4] timing belts and "interference" engines

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I agree, an engine is an engine, if it's rebuilt or not. if the motor functions as intended and doesn't smoke etc, price won't vary much between a good used car with a reman motor and one with an original motor. 
I've learned this the hard way when negotiating with an insurance company for the paypout of a totaled vehicle. 

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> i dont know if i would pay a premuim for a rebuilt engine. your car 
> has baggage now... you might find many people would be willing to pay 
> less for it. i know that if i had the choice of 2 cars, 1 with a 
> factory higher mileage motor with no issues and 1 with a dealer 
> rebuild i'd go for the issue-less car. 
> but on the open market, with an audi noob, you might find someone 
> thats willing to pay at or over the high book value. 
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