[A4] timing belts and "interference" engines

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 16:50:47 EDT 2006

too bad you cant sue a dealer for malpractice.. ;-)

On 9/29/06, Tom Love <theloves at localaccess.com> wrote:
> Bought a car a few years back that was advertised as having the motor
> replaced with new by Audi 20k back. Got receipts with all kinds of parts
> numbers so I took the bait. Turns out that in fact it was a new motor put in
> by Audi but the incorrect one! KH turbo (Audi 5k) instead of WX (urq) and
> about 30hp shy of original issue. I made it clear when I sold it that KH was
> the engine. So would I pay more for that new motor? Only if it came fresh
> out of the box and the codes were correct (or better) for the year/model.

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