[A4] timing belts and "interference" engines

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
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	i'd take a KH (but isn't it MC?) over WX any day.  just sayin' -
you still got cheated.

At 1:14 PM -0700 9/29/06, Tom Love wrote:
>Bought a car a few years back that was advertised as having the motor
>replaced with new by Audi 20k back. Got receipts with all kinds of parts
>numbers so I took the bait. Turns out that in fact it was a new motor put in
>by Audi but the incorrect one! KH turbo (Audi 5k) instead of WX (urq) and
>about 30hp shy of original issue. I made it clear when I sold it that KH was
>the engine. So would I pay more for that new motor? Only if it came fresh
>out of the box and the codes were correct (or better) for the year/model.
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>>  well if it was an audi crate motor then sure..
>>  anyway in this case i would ask high book or a little over and use the
>>  new motor as leverage. it didnt cost you anything so at least you can
>>  maximise the reasonable value of the car, and give it an edge over
>>  other cars at anywhere near the same $.
>>  me as a buyer would have very different opinions than me as a seller. =)
>>  On 9/29/06, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:
>>>  Hmm I totally disagree.  Were I in the market for an A4 1.8T - I'd
>>>  probably pay an extra thousand or so for the brand new motor, assuming
>>>  all else equal - remember Rick said new head and block - NOT rebuilt.
>>>  And to me a broken t-belt does not attach itself as baggage to the rest
>>>  of the car - t-bely is known failure on these - and now you have a car
>>>  with a  brand new motor.
>>>  Now you have to conflicting opinions ...big help huh!
>>>  Good luck-
>>>  Brandon
>>>  '84 urquattro 20Vt
>>>  '01.5 S4
>>>  '98 A4 1.8Tq
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>>>  i dont know if i would pay a premuim for a rebuilt engine. your car has
>>>  baggage now... you might find many people would be willing to pay less
>>>  for it. i know that if i had the choice of 2 cars, 1 with a factory
>>>  higher mileage motor with no issues and 1 with a dealer rebuild i'd go
>>>  for the issue-less car.
>>>  but on the open market, with an audi noob, you might find someone thats
>>>  willing to pay at or over the high book value.
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