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Don Warren wrc_quattro at yahoo.com
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My Airbag lights did the same this past winter. My mechanic said when he pulled codes that it was from under the passenger side seat too. 
He mentioned he has seen this alot when a new passenger gets into the seat(non-powered version) and when adjusting the seat for or aft the seat slides back hard and stretches the connection. 

Hope this helps a litle
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Hey all,

It looks like I have a bad contact in my Airbag system.  I've had this
"repaired" before at the dealer but the light comes on 6 months later.  All
the dealer did was clean the plug and spray on some some contact enhancer.
Any idea where this is?  I tried to disconnect some plugs under the seat but
they wouldn't come apart easily and I thought I would ask on the list before
I broke something.  :)

Here's the official code from my ProDiag:

DTCs: 3/31/07 2:48 pm - 1 Faults:

Airbag 7 Audi      0302
P/N: 8D0 959 655 D
Coding: 00104, WSC: 06335

01218 032
Side Airbag Igniter, Passenger Side -N200: resistance value too large



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