[A4] A4 Oil Temp Sensor

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 12:23:04 EDT 2007

hey phil - the oil wouldn't cool down like that suddenly. the oil would take
a long time to cool down once hot. i bet what's happening is the sensor has
gone intermittent and when it loses connection, it shows cold oil.

not sure where the oil temp sensor is off the top of my head. searching the
forums [audiworld, audizine etc] should help.

sludge would have more of an effect on oil pressure not oil temps.

For a little while I've been getting intermittent readings from my oil temp
> gage.  This is a B5 2001 1.8T.  All will be normal, then a warning light
> for Oil Temp Sensor will show on the center display, and the gage reading
> will fall all the way down to the min temp.  A few minutes later, it'll pop
> right back up to near a normal reading, and stabilize to a normal reading
> within a minute (220F).  I couldn't find any reference to this sensor in the
> Bentley (only oil pressure sensor).  Where is the oil temp sensor?  What's a
> good price?  Is this the beginning of the dreaded sludge issue (my average
> is 5k mi, synthetic)? Thanks,-Phil00 1.8TQ01 1.8T Avant

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