[A4] Cruise Control and AC compressor.

Paul W. Henne marylandguy_42 at yahoo.com
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Actually, the problem with the cruise control is most likely the stalk.  These are known to fail, and are probably not worth replacing as in my experience the replacements only last 6 months or so.  If it is the stalk and you scan for codes you will likely get something along the lines of "Implausible signal"

(Former '98 A8 1.8T owner)

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My car is a 98 A4 30V and I have a few issues.

#1 My Cruise Control does not work at all. Been that way since I bought the
car in February. Where do I start looking for the problem?

#2 Although the AC is still cranking, the compressor makes a loud racket
when engaged. Sounds like a REAL BAD lifter when at idle, but it certainly
is coming from the AC system as I can make it go away with a push of a
button. It sound like sure cries of death from the compressor... Is this
fixable, or will I need to get it replaced?

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