[A4] 16806 cat issues?

aaron... jungle at hickorytech.net
Thu Apr 12 16:56:47 EDT 2007

Hey all.....just thought I would report back.....

I unbolted the cat from the turbo, and pulled it back, took it around 
the block...(holly hell it is loud).....the thing would boost like 
mad!   Well when it wasn't bucking or sputtering (prolly due to the O2 
not being in the stream of the exhaust).  Anyways, so I just got my 
Techtonics High Flow Cat installed which was a big PITA to do...and of 
coarse the 2nd O2 sensor didn't come out....so I need to buy a new one 
of those.  ANYWAYS, the car is back to life!!  A nice deep growl, spikes 
of 21psi....yeah!  The old cat...was pretty much plugged...the mass of 
honey comb inside had come loose and lodged itself at the exit...real 
great for flow huh??!  :D


thejimrose wrote:
> hey aaron i just put a labree cat in my car and im very happy with it. 
> 250 shipped. i looked at tt's too and i think i went labree because 
> the warranty was better. i got it through btgmotoring.com 
> <http://btgmotoring.com> and the guy i spoke to was very helpful and 
> delivered right on time.
> ps how do you like the mtm k04 software? i'm not thrilled with my giac.
> cheers
> jim

Aaron J. Jongbloedt
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