[A4] A4 clutchless shifting

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Apr 19 11:41:37 EDT 2007

On Apr 19, 2007, at 7:24 AM, Brian White wrote:

> #1, a terrible driver goes through a clutch in 1.5-2 years like that.

you probably read my post by now, but i'll reiterate.  my wife!
she qualified as a terrible driver for more than a year and a half,
along with my abusive driving and the punishing conditions of our
city - clutch was fine when i replaced it.

heck, the second stoplight after i picked up that b5 new from the
dealer, i revved it up and dropped the clutch to see what she would
do making a hard start off the line.  she did nothing.  engine
revved up, and the clutch just slipped and slid under the weight of
the bease.  that trick never phased my ur-quattro, or (of course)
any of the FWD cars i owned before (except tire spin).  so the very
first day i was pounding on the car.  i sold it to a friend, too.
their wrench told them the car had been "drive hard but was in good,
strong shape".  i think it's better for a car to drive it hard, as
long as it doesn't turn out to be a lemon.  that's the best way to
find out, and find out while it's still under warranty too.

for hot stops off the line, all i can really figure to help keep
the clutch from slipping is to
release to the catch point
just before slippage engage it back toward the floor just a bit
hold it there a sec while the clutch catches up
release more then let it out

dunno if that's double clutching but it's what has to happen to keep
the clutch from slipping while either doing jackass stuff or dealing
with the crazy hills here.

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