[A4] A4 clutchless shifting

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Shifting without a clutch is called rev-matching as others have noted. The
technical parts that you are going to screw on your car are the syncros
inside the transmission. Another problem there is that while the car is
standing still, there is no way to properly put it into 1st. You have to
turn off the engine, put it in gear and start it with the car engaged in
gear - hard on the starter and flywheel teeth.

Bottom line, this is certainly a trick that can be used to get the car from
A to B once or maybe twice to avoid tow truck fees, but is not something to
be used for daily driving. 

Rev-matching is something that can be done while racing (to a minimal gain)
and you have to know your car and feel your gear ratios VERY WELL to do it

Your friend has issues is he wore through a clutch in 1-2 years! Unless he
was competitively drag racing (which means that he has issues anyway) he
needs to re-learn how to drive a stick and get rid of bad habits. With the
quality of stock clutches on these cars, I would be surprised that even "bad
driving" would cause this kind of wear. He was either dragging a lot or he
is one of those people that hold the clutch down at red lights. 

Or the clutch is not at fault and this is a matter of the rear main seal
leaking oil onto the flywheel surface.

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Hey Listers,
I am trying to settle an argument with one of my friends. He has a 2005 A4 
1.8T, in which the clutch is going out. The clutch is not covered under 
warranty as it is considered wear and tear. He was told that he did not have

to shift with the clutch engaged if he did it at low rpm's. He was also told

that this would do no damage to his transmission. I disagree and think that 
nothing good can come from this and he should get his clutch replaced asap. 
What do you think?
Doug Hill
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'87 4kcs q (gone but never forgotten)

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