[A4] anyone need studded snow tires?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Apr 25 17:55:58 EDT 2007

i've got a set of hakka-1 studded snow tires on steel
rims with plastic audi-logoed hubcaps.  they're relatively
narrow (as they should be).  there is TONS of tread left
though about 1/5 of the studs have popped out due to the
150 miles of snowless road between myself and tahoe.
rims are 15s and won't fit on b7 audis.  the rims are five
bolt so won't fit on 4 bolt audis.  great for URQ, 5k/200,
stuff like that.

i used them on my b5.  i ran hakka-q all winter, no studs,
but would occasionally put them on to drive up the hill to
seek a powderday after an intense sierra storm.  so i'd
wind up driving up in the storm, usually over night.  these
tires are rock solid in the snow.

make an offer!

pics here:


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