[A4] Timing Belt Tools

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 01:16:01 EDT 2007

Looking for alternatives to Blau in renting/borrowing the tools  
needed to change the timing belt on a 30v V6.  Any suggestions, or is  
Blau pretty much the only game in town to get his kit?  I've had  
mixed results buying from them in the past, and would rather just get  
the parts needed from SJM, unfortunately Blau only rents the tools  
when you buy their kit.

And is there a consensus on the serpentine belt tension arm and t- 
belt tensioning damper that Blau tries to upsell people on?  Is it a  
common failure item?

I suppose if there are not other options, blau is going to get the  


Derek P

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