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Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 14:07:38 EDT 2007

I haven't noticed so much with my H2O temp but my Oil Temp is a little bit
wonky.  If it's extremely hot outside, my gauge wont read at all.  However
by the time the engine is good and hot (I'm nearing home after work) it
starts reading properly.  It never reads hot but sometimes it just doesn't
read at all.  I've replaced it the sensor once and that seemed to help for a
while - I think.  Anyone else had this "problem"?

  1998 A4 2.8Q

On 8/22/07, Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Yep, I've heard of it and am experiencing the same myself.  Looking around
> audiworld, it appears to be a fairly common problem.
> http://www.audiworld.com/tech/eng54.shtml
> I've noticed the gauge is flakey, either not moving, reading some
> intermediate temp, or being just fine.
> Somethings apparently never change on Audi's.
> Derek P
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> >So recently i've noticed on my '00 my temp gauge doesn't move, it always
> >stays at C.  It never seems to move, just curious if anyone out there
> >has seen this or knows of a possible fix.  I had it in the shop awhile
> >back for something else and they said the computer was reading the temp
> >just fine.  Sorta odd...
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