[A4] 97 A4 2.8l V6 AFC code, No start, No spark, No DTCs

Pbadore at aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Fri Dec 14 11:00:15 PST 2007

The no start high miles 97 A4 2.8l V6 code AFC was in fact one bad coil pack. 
The secondary side of the third coil pack had very high resistance of about 
250K ohms (normal is 11K ohms). The unusual aspect was that no DTCs were 
generated although the Hitachi ECU has lots of DTC codes available for the primary 
side of the coil pack but not the secondary side.   Also, the bad secondary 
side caused the ECU to turn off the other two non defective dual coils. The 
result was there was no spark to any cylinder. The test for a bad coil is easy if 
you what to look for--just remove the spark plug wires from the coils and test 
each pair of coil for resistance with a VOM.   Replacement of the bad coil 
packs on an A4 AFC engine is easier if you just cut off the left side primary 
connectors ends so that the intake manifold does not need to be removed and then 
route the replacement coil pack primary wires above the intake manifold on the 
right side of the engine similar to the A6. The A6 primary coil pack wires 
route under the intake manifold but can be pulled through the manifold openings 
on the right but not on the left side. I checked with my usual Audi parts 
supplier and he has not sold any 2.8 V6 12V coil packs in the last 2 or 3 years so 
this is probably a rare failure.    

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