[A4] 97 A4 2.8l V6 AFC code, No start, No spark, No DTCs

Pbadore at aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Sat Dec 15 22:08:13 PST 2007

On the 1.8l AEB code turbo the high failure component is the output stage 
(aka the ignition control module or alternately called by others as the little 
thingy POS). The AEB 1.8 turbo has individual coils over spark plugs but unlike 
the later 1.8l turbos these are only coils without an integrated output stage 
hence the need for the output stage. Have you checked your ECM for misfires by 
individual cylinder and spark retardation by individual cylinder? Both can be 
read with VAG-COM or with a factory 1551 or 1552 or the newer tools.  

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